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How to sell products in Iran’s online market (eCommerce)

Iran’s growing internet infrastructure has put light on the fact that Iranians are so eager to use internet as a mean to have their daily routines done. Consequently eCommerce becomes more important in the country.

82,12%  Internet Penetration (statistics of 2017)

According to reports of Telecommunication Company of Iran, (TCI) the Internet penetration rate in 3 provinces- Tehran, Mazandaran, qom- has exceeded more than 100%.

Emarket test1


The fact that internet has helped the business all around the world, is undeniable for anyone, but it has changed the face of business in Iran for sure. Here is why:

  • The easy access to 3G and 4G internet connection and a broad network coverage all over Iran

  • Because of the smartphones, the digital Gap between Rural and Urban is not big

  • The eCommerce has brought transparency, which is well appreciated among the Iranian citizens.

  • The eCommerce has shorten the bureaucracy and traveling.The Iranians, especially the younger generation are up-to-date in the subject of technology and like to use it in their normal life, as a matter of satisfaction.


  • The Vice-presidency of Science and Technology is now investing more on IT and IT-based projects as there are many students majoring in business and computer related majors at the universities.

  • More people are trusting to online businesses day by day.

  • Persians are very into new technologies and modern way of lifes.

Iran as a big  eCommerce market

The fever of Online marketing seems not to cool down in Iran. Nowadays, Iranian rather find comfort in online shopping and having their products posted to their doors. About 3% of all transactions in the country are made through internet shops. There are almost 9000 active online shops in Iran which have the trust certificate (eNAMAD) from Iran eCommerce development center.

It seems that saving time, skipping traffic jams and air pollution are main reasons which make Iranians more interested in eCommerce.

Furthermore, the statistics show that:

  • Women, especially those between 16 – 34 are the main online buyers.
  • On average, every Iranian above 14 years old, has made 207 online purchases in past Iranian Year (March 21. 2016 – March 22. 2017)
  • And the average amount of each transaction is about 28$ .

The figure shows,  the most preferable product groups in Iran eCommerce market :

Emarket test

Due to American sanctions, Iranians cannot purchase from foreign online shopping websites, such as Amazon and Ebay. Therefore Iranian online shopping websites are getting more famous and regular.  According to Alexa some of the Iranian online shopping websites are among the highest rank websites in the world.

 If you are an international company and the product you are offering to the Iranian market is new, then it’s better to:

  • Start a pilot market test 

  • Have a portfolio of different products and don’t enter the market with a single product.

Here are the most desired products in Iran online shops:

 Personal and Home Appliance such as: Electric toothbrush, air conditioner, humidifier, Iron, Stove, Food Processor,  Espresso Machine, Food steamer,

Electronics: Smart phone, Tablets, Ultrabooks and Laptops, Headphones, Camera, Handsfree,

Decoration and Luxury lifestyle: carpet wall hangings, carpet, leather products,

Clothing and footwear: Purse and bags, Suitcase, Rucksack, clothes,

Iran E-Market test

We can help you start selling a group of you products in Iran e-market. So you will be able to test the market and to  find out which products probably suit the best in Iran.

E-Market test Iran is an integrated “all-inclusive” solution to test your products on the Iranian market, which includes:

  • Warehousing solutions

  • E-marketing solutions

  • E-commerce solutions

  • Customer  solutions

  • Money transfer solutions

In addition, our warehousing solution offers a fully professional and reliable storage service:

  • 2 giant warehouses in Tehran

  • Separate storage area and picking zone Warehouse Management System

  • 100% traceability

  • 24/7 security system

  • Fine logistics and e-commerce expertise

 Moreover our eCommerce solution presents your product to the Iran market with the best chances to succeed:

  • Product description in local language (Persian)

  • Iranian technical information

  • Image management

  • Localization service

  • E-marketing plan

  • Category management

  • The most visited and reliable e-commerce websites

  • E-merchandising

  • Promotions and couponing

In conclusion, our E-Market test service will help you test your products on the Iranian market with a minimum cost. As a result the only thing you need to do is to ship your products to our warehouse in Tehran.

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