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How to learn more about Iran Market and Iran Industry

Have you ever thought about Iran, as a country that withholds various Opportunities? As a country in the heart of Middle East, which is now growing more and more in international level. So everyone needs to know about this land; and understand its capacity if wants to enter Iran Market. Iran industry and Iran Market is developing so fast, in many ways, and there is so much benefit to spend some time, learning about Iran industry and market,in order to evaluate your chance of successful business in Iran. 

Iran IndustrsyَAs the first step, it would be better to learn more about the country itself, and key demographics in Iran. (you can read our Iran Census 2016 Article).

Iran Industry

The second step, is to deepen your knowledge about your field of interest, you should read about Iran Industry to have some specific information about it. Iran Industry has different layers. So make sure that you have knowledge about each layers of Iran Industry.

Even though Iran is best known for its national petroleum and gas reserves; there are also other industries that are moving forward and have high standards. A very good instance of it, is the food and beverage industry in Iran. Nowadays there are so many respectful Iranian companies in FMCG sector that are exporting their products, worldwide.

Other industries, like Pasta and cookies are well known. Beans are also a very growing market and mostly importing; since Iran beans industry is currently producing less due to the draught

As a country with a very long history and benefiting from a rich Ecosystem, the Iran Industry of Tourism is now very fast growing. With the historic city of YAZD, as a UNESCO cultural heritage, Iran is attracting more tourists than ever; helping the Industry earn more revenue.

Iran Industry is getting very hot in the telecommunication and IT more than ever, with new Start-ups and Incubator companies that are mostly focusing on web based applications and IT.

One of the make facts that confuses international companies to enter the Iran market, are the banking payments and monetary issues that you can learn more about it in this Article. It focuses on Iran industry and introduces the ways to transact money to Iran.


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