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Tourism in Iran

Iran is a country with high potential in tourism industry and since the implementation of nuclear deal, In year 2016 Iran has attracted about more 400,000 tourists, which is about 10% more, compared to previous year. It’s geared up to make its mark in the industry.

Iran’s two Mountain chains, along with the deserts resulted in Iran having four simultaneous seasons which makes Iran a great travel destination any time of year. Iran’s location which neighbors two large water areas has further added to this diversity. Its geographical location has also resulted in it being home to several different races and kingships. Due to this fact, many archaeological sites some of which are 7000 years old are to be found all over the country. What adds to Iran’s advantage in this industry is that Iran is one of the world’s cheapest tourist destination. This fact has been reported by the World Economic Forum (WEF) who has assessed nearly 141 countries.

Revenue of Tourism Industry

According to Information, Iran has been hosting more than 5 million Tourists, arriving in different cities. Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tehran, Tabriz are top 5 Iran travel destinations chosen by tourists arriving in Iran.

Statistics show that Iran is currently ranked 15th in terms of tourist attractions in the world. A series of hurdles such as sanctions and propaganda by the west, especially in the media, has prevented Iran’s tourism industry from flourishing.

There is very little knowledge of the process of developing tourism in Iran. Tourism sector in Iran has provided around 1.8% of all jobs and it has contributed to the GDP by 2,3%.

In year 2016 Iran has grossed about $6 billion from the Industry, let alone the intangible achievements. Each tourist spends and average of $1,500 whereas Europeans expend more and tourists from neighboring countries spend less. “According to UNWTO, South Asian countries, where Iran is also categorized, earn an average of $1,570 per tourist.”


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