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Advertisement in Game applications

Iran is a country with more than 25% of population between 15-29 years old, which makes it a great target market for computer gaming companies. The penetration rate of smartphones in the community is above 50% (and according to new studies this rate will hit 75% in the next 4 years), showing how interesting the gaming applications are and how effective in-app ads can be. The chart below shows the rate of gamers in Iran and the other countries:

In-game advertisementAbout 54% of all Iranian are familiar with gaming industry which means, there are 46million people aware of games. And half of them actually play games.

Gender of gamersGame Producing Countries

In 2015, the countries of Asia-Pacific have grossed 47.2% of all Revenue in video Game industry, with the south eastern countries growing faster than any other country. Thailand is the biggest market for the video games, and it is predicted that it will be the 23rd market in the world.

India is also the 18th country in world’s game market and earns about 248 million dollars in a year and has a 49,2% average growth rate.

In MENA region, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia had the most growth. Meanwhile, Germany is the biggest game Market in Europe.


Gaming Industry in Iran

Gaming industry is a rather young industry in Iran. Iran Computer and Video-game Foundation was established 10 years ago and are making progress on a daily basis and attends international exhibits.

Iranian spend an average of 1,5 hours on video-games. 95% of the games are games produced by other countries.

The huge market of gaming industry, presents a great opportunity to use this platform as a new marketing channel.

In-game Advertisement

In-game advertisement simply means to have your ad in game’s platform, as a banner on top or bottom of the screen or in any other manner.

There are two different types of Advertisement: Static and dynamic.

The first one means the Advertisement is the same and not changing in the period of promotion, but the later one changes, as the device connects to internet.

Pros and Cons to In-game Advertisement


  • Aim for a special target group based on the game Genre

  • Reachable to consumers. ( 50million users were playing Farmville, only 10 month after the release)

  • Games increase purchase eagerness about 24%)


  • The recurrence of the same advertisement can be annoying and make a negative brand image to the customer.

According to US MEDIA DECISION MARKER the benefits of in-app advertisement are as below:

reasons to in-app advertisement

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